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Trouble Shooting & Repair


It is the Owner's Responsibility to operate and maintain the Liquid Chlorinator to the best of their ability.

If service is required, refer to the Data/Service plate located on the Fill Lid of the Liquid Chlorinator.

***Always use personal protective equipment when filling or servicing the chlorinator*** 

General Visual Inspection 

1. Check to ensure Aerobic System is functioning properly.

2. Collect effluent sample from sprinkler head and perform a chlorine test.
* If no chlorine is present refer to section below.
* Any amount of chlorine residual reflects a properly working chlorinator.

Chlorinator is not Functioning Properly

1. Check to ensure tank sprinkler pump is working properly
   (If the pump is not working, it will not operate the Venturi to draw in disinfection)

2. Check to ensure Venturi is functioning properly
   (engage the sprinkler pump and place finger over the Venturi suction port. If suction/vacuum is not  present, replace venturi)

3. Check to ensure the vinyl tubing is not damaged. If damaged, replace with 3/8" od x 1/4" id Poly Vinyl Tubing.

4. Check to ensure Chlorinator Housing Fill port is free of dirt/debris.
    (If dirt/debris is detected, drain the chlorinator housing and reservoir, clean, and refill with 6% Sodium Hypochlorite.)

5.Check to ensure Flooding events have not occurred. If flooding has occurred drain the Chlorinator Housing and reservoir, clean, and refill with 6% Sodium Hypochlorite.

 Replacement Parts can be requested on the contact page or by calling/texting to 979-826-0139

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